My Vegan Diary.

Hello Kitties, my name is Chelle ("shell"); I'm the ancient age of eighteen, & I'm, as you've probably noticed, a vegan. I'm not a preachy PETA member, but I do believe I don't have the right to take advantage of the presence of animals for my own personal benefit. This blog will consist of everything vegan & health. From recipes, tips & advice to my own personal vegan-related entries.

I haven’t posted any of my own, personal recipes in a while. The last few have been reblogs, I know. I greatly apologize.. But I got a promotion as lead of our team in the hospital & it has definitely been keeping me busy. But I’m gonna try to whip something up tomorrow, on my day off, & let you guys know. Thank you for staying faithful in me.. I love you all. & I know I haven’t gotten that “submissions” link up yet- it won’t let me on my laptop for some reason- on ANY of my blogs so I don’t know what’s up with that… Any ideas? Leave them in my ask, cause I’d love to have that up for you guys.

Thanks again my lovelies.

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